by Zhang Jun

The three jobs that most change the world are politician, teacher, and journalist, said a Taiwanese journalist at the Opening Ceremony of HKBU-SOPA Award Winners Forum last Tuesday.

“I think journalists can speak for the people who cannot have the chance or opportunity to have their voice heard,” said Yi-Shan Chen, deputy editor of Taiwan’s CommonWealth Magazine and an instructor at National Taiwan University’s School of Journalism.

Chen was one of six award-winning speakers at the forum, organized biennially by Hong Kong Baptist University and the Society of Publishers in Asia.

“Is it still worth being a journalist? The short answer is yes… SOPA-award winners can remind everyone why journalists are still so important today,” Cliff Buddle, SOPA Awards Committee member, said in his introduction speech.

“It is a passion to be a journalist, and it is a calling,” Nancy C. Carvajal, a reporter for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, said.